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Problems connecting to the lock?
Problems connecting to the lock?

Error codes? Unable to open or close? We might have some helpful tips.

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If the door will not open, please try to move closer to the lock. Make sure you are standing outside the correct door, and that you are trying to open the door with the correct lock in your app.

Make sure you have given the Unloc app access to the necessary rights on your phone. Under settings in the Unloc app, scroll down to "App accesses" and make sure all fields are green. If any of the fields are red, tap the field to give the required access.

If you get error codes, please have a look here for possible solutions.

If the lock does not turn around, please follow the instructions on this page.

Still not resolved?
If this didn't solve the issue please contact us by pressing "help". (On desktop: press the turquoise bubble in the bottom right corner to start a new chat.)

Use fallback solution:
Regular key, keycard, or similar.
Ask someone to open for you (neighbour, co worker,

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