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Troubleshooting error-codes
Troubleshooting error-codes

Solutions to various error codes and error messages in the Unloc app.

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Unloc-appen registrerer feilkoder knyttet til ulike scenarioer som kan oppstå i sammenkobling mellom lås og telefon. Under finner du mulige løsninger.


Weak Bluetooth signals between lock and app, timeout

  • Make sure you stand near the lock before trying to open it.

  • Make sure the Unloc app has the required access . Click on "Settings" in the Unloc app and select "Access" - all points should be green.

  • Turn Bluetooth on / off

  • Turn the phone on / off


Old version of the Unloc app

  • Try updating the Unloc app in Google Play or AppStore. If the problem persists, try deleting the app and downloading it again after 1 hour.


No access to mobile data and location services

  • Try turning on cellular data on your phone, and make sure the Unloc app has access to use mobile data and location services. Settings> App accesses (make sure all fields are green).

Note that in some cases you must have coverage to be able to use the Unloc app. If you are in a garage facility, try to open the Unloc app outside to download the key - then enter the garage again.


Uneven communication between the lock and Unloc.

  • Go to settings in the Unloc app, click on Locks> Danalock> Your account, and "Disconnect account". Then try re-entering your Danalock account. Please note that this will delete all shared keys.


Error in WIFI communication between lock and app.

The Futurehome locks communicate with Unloc through WIFI. Error code 9001 indicates that the lock is struggling to achieve a stable communication.

Make sure that the lock itself has sufficient WIFI signals. Try restarting the router by pulling the power plug in and out. Contact Futurehome if the problem persists.


The lock wont rotate.

  • Turn on "End-to-end unlocking" in the Danalock app. Read more here.






Uneven signals between lock and app.

  • Make sure you are standing outside the correct door

  • Try to open the door via Unloc 1-2 meters from the door, and then move the mobile slowly towards the lock.

  • Tap the lock with your phone


The lock requires direct contact with the phone.

  • Tap the lock with your phone


  • Try deleting the app and then downloading again.


  • Try deleting the app and then downloading again.


  • Try restarting the app, and turn bluetooth off / on.


If you get error 2315 on a private door, try to loosen one of the batteries, then reattach it. Then try updating the lock, read more here.


  • Try restarting the app, and turn bluetooth off / on.

Bad lock signal / Good lock signal

  • Try restarting the app

  • Try restarting your phone

Issues still not resolved?

  • If the problem persists, please contact support by pressing "help". On PC: tap the turquoise bubble in the lower right corner.

  • Use backup solution to open the door: Regular key, key card, or similar. Ask someone to open for you (a neighbor, colleague, etc).

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