The Unloc app detects error codes related to various scenarios that can occur in the connection between the lock and your phone. See below for possible solutions.

Error code 2998 - Poor Bluetooth signals between lock and app.

  • Make sure you stand close to the lock before attempting to open it.

  • Make sure the Unloc app has all the access it requires. Click on "Settings" in the Unloc app and select "Access" - all bulletpoints should be green.

  • Turn Bluetooth on / off

  • Turn the phone on / off

Error Code 1012 - Old version of the Unloc-app.

  • Try updating the Unloc app in Google Play or the AppStore. If the problem persists, try deleting the app and downloading it again.

Error code 1094 - Poor communication between Danalock and Unlock.

  • Go to settings in the Unloc app, click on Locks> Danalock> Your account, and "Disconnect account". Then try log in to your Danalock account again.

Error code 9001 - Error in the WIFI-communication between lock and app.

The Futurehome locks communicate with Unloc through WIFI. Error code 9001 indicates that the lock is struggling to achieve a stable communication over the network.

Make sure that the lock itself has sufficient WIFI signals. Try restarting the router by pulling the power plug in and out. Contact Futurehome if the problem persists.

Error code 2418 - The lock can not be twisted completely around.

  • Turn on "End-to-end unlocking" in the Danalock app.

Error code 6203 - Uneven signals between lock and app.

  • Try to open the lock through the Unloc-app 1-2 meters away from the door, and then move the phone slowly towards the door.

Error code 2104

  • Try to delete the Unloc app, and then download it again.

Still not resolved?

If the problem persists, please contact support by pressing "help". On PC: tap the turquoise bubble in the lower right corner.

Use backup solution to open the door: Regular key, key card, or similar. Ask someone to open for you (a neighbor, colleague, etc).

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