My lock does not rotate

Danalock V3 does not turn around

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Follow these instructions if your Danalock V3 does not turn around when you open it. These steps can be performed outside the door if you are locked out.

Step 1: Open the Danalock app and log in with your user profile.

Step 2: Turn on End-to-End operations under “Device” in “Settings”. This is to ensure that the lock is completely rotated.

Step 3: Click on “Device” again and then “Calibration” in the settings. Perform an “Manual Calibration”. If you are locked out, use "Automatic Calibration" instead - perform a "Manual Calibration" as soon as you are inside.

1. Turn the Danalock to the unlocked position and press the green button - “Save unlocked position”

2. Turn the Danalock to the locked position and press the red button - “Save locked position”.

3. Perform a "Test calibration" to see that everything works properly.

Please contact support if the problems presist.

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