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How do I factory reset Danalock V3?
How do I factory reset Danalock V3?

Factory reset Danalock V3

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It might be necessary to reset the Danalock to factory settings if the lock is sold, you are to move or someone else is to manage the lock. You can easily do this through the Danalock- and Unloc app.

Step 1: Log in with your user profile in the Danalock app. Select the lock you want to reset, then click "Device".

Step 2: Select "Delete device" at the bottom of the list - confirm by pressing "Ok".

Step 3: The lock must now be removed from the Unloc app. In the Unloc app, select "Settings". Then click on "Danalock" under your locks.

Step 4: Click on your Danalock account (email address), and then "Update connection". After the connection is updated, the Danalock will be removed from the Unloc app.

Step 5: After the lock is removed from both the Danalock- and Unloc app; use the tip of a paper clip to press the button on the top of the Danalock 10 times. A red light indicates that the reset has been completed.

Step 6: The Danalock is now reset and can be set up as a new device. Click here to see how you can set up it up as a new device.

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