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How do I connect my Danalock to the Unloc app?

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The Danalock must be calibrated in the Danalock app before it can be registered in the Unloc app. After the calibration is completed, you only need the Unloc app for daily use.

Make sure that the Danalock lock is installed correctly before setting it up in the app. You can read more about assembly here.

If you have already set up the lock in the Danalock app (and will only connect it to Unloc), you can skip to step 9.

Step 1: Download the Danalock app.

iOS (Apple): You can download the Danalock app from AppStore.

Android: You can download the Danalock app from Google Play.

Allow use of Bluetooth if the app asks for it. Read more about the apps here.

Step 2: Create a user profile in the Danalock app by first clicking on "Sign in", then "Create account". Use your desired email and password.

Step 3: Connect the lock to the Danalock app.

Click “Menu” and then “Add New Device” from the menu, then connect the Danalock device.

If several locks appear on the list; press the eye next to the serialnumber. The Danalock will start flashing if it is the correct lock. You can also check the serial number on the back of the battery cover of your device.

Step 5: Give your lock a desired name. For example, "Ola Hermansen H102" or "Garage block A".


Step 6: Calibration of the Danalock

Select the lock you just added. Press “Device” and then “Calibration” from in the settings menu. Perform a “Manual Calibration”:

1. Turn the Danalock to the unlocked position and press the green button - “Save unlocked position”

2. Turn the Danalock to the locked position and press the red button - “Save locked position”.

3. Perform a "Test calibration" to see that everything works properly.

Step 7: Turn on end-to-end operations in under “Device” in “Settings”.

Step 8: Updated the Danalock to the latest system update (if available). Select "Firmware upgrade" from the app settings.


Step 9: Download the Unloc app from Google Play or AppStore and create a new user profile. Read more about how to download the app here.

Step 10: In the Unloc app, tap settings in the lower right corner. Then tap "My private locks", then "Add your lock" and then tap "Danalock". Tap "Connect to Danalock", then "Log in to Danalock"

Step 11: You will be redirected to a website; Log in with the email and password you created in the Danalock app in step 2. Approve that Unloc AS can have access to your Danalock by pressing "Authorize". The lock will then appear in the Unloc app.

On a daily basis, you only need the Unloc app to open, close and share access to your locks. You only need the Danalock app if you need to change settings on the lock, such as a calibration. However, we recommend that you keep the Danalock app on your phone.

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