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Installation of Danalock V3 SCANDI on private doors
Installation of Danalock V3 SCANDI on private doors

How do I install Danalock V3 SCANDI on my door?

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The installation of the Danalock V3 depends on which locking mechanism you have on your door. Danalock is designed to be compatible with all doors, but installation may vary.

The SCANDI mechanism is the most common in Scandinavia, and if you have purchased a Danalock V3 SCANDI, the user guide in the box will be about the SCANDI-version. You can download the user guide from Danalock by clicking here (automatic download).

Assembly video of V3 SCANDI can be found here:

After mounting the Danalock on the door, it must be connected to the Danalock- and Unloc app.

Various issues when installing Danalock V3:

The supplied screws are too short to attach the cylinder to the lock case

You can try using the screws you unscrewed from the original lock. If these screws are too long / short - you will have to buy new screws. Contact your local hardware store or locksmith.

My lock is not similar to the user guide

You can see what type of lock you have by looking at the lock case itself. If you are unsure of what locking system you have - contact us and we will help you. Only Danalock V3 SCANDI is sold through the Unloc Store, if you have a EURO or ASSA 2000-2006 mechanism, there are separate Danalocks for these doors. You can read more about this on Danalock's website by clicking here.

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