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I'm moving - what do I do with the lock?
I'm moving - what do I do with the lock?

What do I do with Unloc when I move?

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If you are moving, the new owner can take management of the lock without having to remove the Danalock from the door.

Step one - Delete the lock from the Danalock-app

From the main menu in the Danalock app, click on "Device" in the lower right corner. Select "Delete device" and confirm by clicking "Ok".

Step two - Delete the lock from the Unloc app

In the Unloc app; Select settings from the lower right corner, then "Danalock" under Locks. Select your Danalock account from the list and click on "Update connection". The lock has now been removed from your Unloc app.

Step three - New owner

The new owner of the lock can then download the Danalock app on their phone, and create their own user profile. They can then add the Danalock-account to the Unloc-app. Follow this guide.

You can use the same user profile in both the Danalock app and the Unloc app if you are going to install Unloc in a new location at a later time.

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