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How do I replace batteries on Danalock V3?
How do I replace batteries on Danalock V3?

Danalock V3 battery replacement

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You can see the battery level for the Danalock in the Danalock-app. The battery life varies depending on use, but will usually last for about 1 year.

It is important that all 4 batteries are replaced at the same time. Use only standard CR123 lithium batteries. Failure to replace all batteries at the same time or an incorrect standard may result in overheating and explosion. Read more about this topic at Danalock here.

Step 1: Remove the Danalock V3 from the door.´

Step 2: Open the battery compartment and pull on the two black straps to release the batteries from the module.

Step 3: Replace all four batteries with new ones, and then close the cover.

Step 4: Recalibrate the lock;


Click on “Device” and then “Calibration” in the settings. Perform a “Manual Calibration”:

1. Turn the Danalock lock to the unlocked (open door) position and press the green button - Save unlocked position.

2. Turn the Danalock lock to the locked position (locked door) and press the red button - Save locked position.

3. Then perform a Test Calibration to see that everything is working properly.

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