Hang up posters, stickers and leaflets

To ensure residents know of their possibility to use digital keys, you can use posters, stickers, and leaflets to drive awareness.

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On this page, we’ve prepared a get-started-material-kit to help you ensure residents are aware of the possibility to use digital keys through OBOS nøkkelen. You can either order, or simply print, the posters, stickers and leaflets below. Ordering them is free of charge!

🛒 Order here (for free!): LINK

🖨 Download files here: LINK


You can place A4 posters near the entrance to increase visibility around the area where digital keys come in handy 🪄


You can place stickers right next to the building's intercom system. The QR code makes it easy to download the app 💪🏻


You can place a FAQ leaflet on the entrance board. This answers the questions residents often ask 💡

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