Add a user to the control panel

How to add a user to Unloc's control panel

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You can easily add new users with permanent access in the control panel. Please note that you are not able to give users temporary access through the control panel, that must be done in the app. Read more here.

Step 1: Log into the control panel here.

Step 2: Click on "Add user"

Step 3: Add the user's phone number and name in the field on the left. The names entered in the control panel will only appear there. If no name is added, the name the user has chosen in the app / phone number will appear in the list.

Check "Notify users" if the user is to be notified regarding the new access.

Norway will be selected by default, this can be changed by pressing the flag. Choose the access you want to give users by clicking the buttons. Note that all the users in the list will receive the same access; if users are to have different accesses, please add them one-on-one.

Read more about the different functions here:

Ordinary permanent access to doors. Users with this access have access to open / lock the chosen door.

Access to the door, in addition to sharing access. Users with this access can share access to the selected door to other people.

Check "Notify users" if the user is to be notified regarding the new access.

If the user does not already have Unloc, he or she will receive an SMS with information. If the user is a former Unloc user, they will be notified in the app.

Click on "Access" to give access to all the doors in the building, and "Access with sharing" to give sharing access to all the doors in the building.

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