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How can I connect futurehome to the Unloc app?

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Your smart locks from Futurehome can easily be connected to the Unloc app. After your Futurehome account is connected to Unloc, you only need to use the Unloc app to open, lock and share access to your locks.

Step 1: Download the Futurehome app and set it up according to the user guide.

iOS (Apple): You can download the Futurehome app from AppStore here.

Android: You can download the Futurehome app from GooglePlay here.


Step 2: Download the Unloc app from Google Play or the AppStore and create a new user profile. Read more about how to download the app here.

Step 3: In the Unloc app, click on "Settings" in the lower right corner. Then click on "Add private lock", select "Futurehome" and continue to connect.

Step 4: Log in with your Futurehome user account;

Log in with the email and password you use in the Futurehome app. Approve that Unloc AS can have access to Futurehome to proceed. Your Futurehome locks will now appear in the Unloc app.

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