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Buy an Unloc compatible digital lock.

We don't sell locks, but we support different types so that you can choose the lock that suits you. Currently, these locks are compatible with Unloc:

Danalock is a robust digital lock installed at the inside of your door, so that your lock is unchanged from the outside. You can still use your physical keys.
See prices on Danalock

Futurehome is a smarthouse hub, from which you can connect a growing list of smart devices in your home.
See prices on Futurehome

Install the lock.

When you have bought and received the lock you can install it.
See how you install Danalock.
See how you install Futurehome.

Connect the lock in the Unloc app.
See here how to connect it.

Yeey! You are now ready to use your phone as a key and share digital keys with family, friends and others!

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