The app has got a new look! It's even more beautiful and user-friendly. Now you can, among other things, choose if you want to have pictures for your keys...

or not. Yey, customization!

The control panel has also been updated. When a user is added you can give access to multiple doors at the same time and it's easier to give sharing rights.

We've met the press and not only once. DN made a super video about us and Finansavisen put us on the cover! Read the articles here.

Another new employee has joined our ranks, Håvard. He will help us with design so that we can make the app and the control panel even more user-friendly.

But, we still need more! We have seven vacancies and also accept open applications. Check them out here.

The last few months we've attended a few different things. Among others an "Edge Seminar" at Netlight, the podcast of Lø

and HegnarTV.

But, the coolest of all was getting a visit from the Minister of Digitalisation. He thinks Unloc is "pretty cool, actually."

Finally, some number snacks! Last newsletter we celebrated having a total of 1000 users. Now we have 1000 weekly active users. That is an increase of over 500 % over the past three months.

Over 28 000 keys have been shared with Unloc which is an increase of over 280 % since the first quarter.

NB! NB! We have been mentioned in the list of "15 Norwegian startups to watch out for in 2019", so just stay tuned! Throughout the autumn a lot of exciting things will happen.

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