Before you can add the lock in the Unloc app you need to install and calibrate it. This is done in the Danalock app.

1. Download the Danalock on your phone. This is done via Appstore on iOS or Playstore on Android. Write Danalock in the search field.

2. Create a username and a password. Needed to activate the lock.

3. Press "Add new device".

4. Choose the right lock. You have to be next to your lock. If several locks appear press the eye next to the lock id and watch if your lock starts blinking to make sure it is yours. You can also check that the serial number you see matches the number under the battery lock on your device.

5. Add your wanted name for the lock. Eg, apartment number.

  1. Calibrate the lock in open and locked position. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. Turn on end-to-end unlocking. If your lock can be turned 720 degrees, you have to turn it on.

  3. Press firmware upgrade and update if there is a newer version.

Second, onboard your lock in the Unloc app:

1. In the Unloc app: Press the settings button in the bottom right corner.

2. Scroll down to "your private locks" and press "+ Add private lock".

3. Choose "Danalock".

4. Press "Connect to Danalock".

5. Sign in with the username and password that you created in the Danalock app.

The lock can now be used in the Unloc app. The Danalock app is only needed if you need to change the settings of the lock. We recommend that you keep it on your phone.

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